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Prizes & Awards

TripAdvisor & HolidayCheck Awards 2014

This year all five Europa-Park hotels have been given an award by the travel review sites TripAdvisor and HolidayCheck.

The winner of the Travelers‘ Choice Awards are selected by their members based on continuously positive and amount of good recommendations.
Our hotels “Bell Rock“, “Colosseo“, “Castillo Alcazar“ and “El Andaluz“ have been recognised with this award in 2014.

Additionally to that, four Europa-Park hotels won an award from HolidayCheck.
The hotels “Bell Rock“, “Colosseo“ and “Santa Isabel“ received the HolidayCheck Award 2014 and once again can count themselves amongst the most popular family hotels worldwide. Our 4-star themed hotel “Castillo Alcazar” was furthermore awarded with the TopHotel Award in the category “Families”.
All winners are selected based on feedback from more than 980,000 recommendations in 2013.



                              Award-2014_100x100.jpg          Tophotel-2014_100x100.jpg                                    


HolidayCheck Award 2013

4 out of the 5 Europa-Park hotels gained a prize from the users of the rating platform HolidayCheck. The hotels "Santa Isabel“,"Castillo Alcazar“ and the new "Bell Rock” are decorated with the TopHotel Award. In 2012 the hotel guests noticed these as very favored.

The 4-star superior hotel "Colosseo“ won the HolidayCheck Award 2013 in the category "Family“, which means it is one of the 99 most popular hotels worldwide. The Award is based on over 780.000 evaluations of travellers, who gave a review after their holidays.


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Neckermann Primo Award 2012


Once again the 4-star superior themed hotel "Colosseo" convinced the Neckermann guests and was awarded this year again with the Neckermann Primo Award 2012. About 500,000 clients of Neckermann honored hotels with the help of these criteria: family-friendly, clean, position and service. Therefore hotel "Colosseo“ counts to the 10 best Neckermann hotels worldwide and received the 1st place in the category "Family & Parks". Since the opening in 2004 this is the 9th Neckermann Primo Award.



DERTOUR Goldene Pinie 2012


The Goldene Pinie of the tour operater "DERTOUR" went again to Europa-Park in Rust. A few hundred travel agents grasped at the opportunity to experience and rate the 26 theme parks in domestic and foreign countries.


Europa-Park took first place in the categories offer, customer orientation and gastronomy and therefore it was elected as the best theme and leisure park.



Certificate of Excellence 2012


The hotels “Santa Isabel“, “El Andaluz“ and the Europa-Park “Camp Resort“ were certified with the Certificate of Excellence 2012 by TripAdvisor, the world´s largest travel web site.
The award, which honors distinguished accomplishments in the hotel and hospitality industry, is awarded only to companies worldwide who receive outstanding reviews from travellers on TripAdvisor consistently. Nearly 10 percent of the companies that are listed on Trip Advisor receive this special award.




Companies, which receive at least four of five points in their total evaluation, are honored with the Certificate of Excellence. The overall evaluation arises from the valuations of the travellers.
Also the number of reviews during the last 12 months is one of the criteria for the award.

The Europa-Park Resort is very pleased to receive these awards and the positive feedback from guests!


Parkscout Publikums Award 2011/2012


Once again the Europa-Park reached the pole position at the Parkscout Award 2011/2012 and was honored with the title “Best theme park“.
The Europa-Park hotels got hold of two top ratings with hotel “Colosseo“ as second and hotel “Santa Isabel” as third place in the category “Best themed hotel“.
About 40,000 readers participated in this year’s evaluation and voted Germany’s biggest theme park as number 1 in five categories. As the Parkscout Award is a complete audience prize, it shows again, that the Europa-Park is still on top of the ranking order of the German theme park fans.


HolidayCheck Award 2012


3 hotels of the Europa-Park Resort were awarded with the TopHotel Award or the HolidayCheck Award 2012.

One of them was the hotel “Colosseo“, which was prized this year with the popular HolidayCheck Award 2012 in the category “Family“ and therefore it counts to the 99 most liked hotels worldwide.

The hotel “Santa Isabel“ and the hotel “Castillo Alcazar“ received each the TopHotel Award 2012 from HolidayCheck.
The HolidayCheck TopHotel awarding is only based on hotel ratings of travellers. 


Family Cup 2010 - Hotel "Colosseo" got the 2nd place!

At the presentation of prizes of the leisure publisher‘s Landsberg GmbH (23.11.2010) the 4-star superior hotel "Colosseo“ was nominated in the category “lodgings” and won the 2nd place. Selected family hotels were given an award in the categories: kitchen, innovation, lodgings, leisure program, child care and overall concept.



Primo 2013
Goldene Pinie 2011
Parkscout Award



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