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Ayurvedic full body massage which harmonizes the body’s energies.

It calms down the nervous system, releases from fatigue and stress

and leads you to deep relaxation.  

  Detoxificates and purifies 
  With additional rest time  

Duration 60 minutes / € 95.00






 One of the most beautiful and intensive ayurvedic massages – leads you to deep

     relaxation and inner silence. The forehead oil flush associated with a full body

     massage with sesame oil has a balancing and calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.

  With additional rest time


Duration 90 minutes / € 130.00



Ayus Lomi


 Perfect meeting of two worlds: Indian Ayurveda and hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui

 The unique combination of Polynesian and Oriental treatment methods and traditions.
Gelber Aufzählungsstern Ersatz.jpg

 Over a cup of tea, we will define your dosha-type and the adapted massage oil : sesame, sunflower or almond

 Individualized cleansing
 Forehead oil flush and head massage
 Massage Ayus Lomi
 Relaxing time-out

 Dear guests:
 The Ayus Lomi treatment is a feast for your senses and a unique and enchanting experience.

 Please plan a three-hour time, in order to fully enjoy its relaxing properties.


Duration 3 hours / € 175.00


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