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Wellness care packages



 Lotus Blossom

 Relaxation from head to toe

Relaxing back massage

 Aroma foot wrap
Wellness facial treatment
feet & calves massage with conditioning feet-balsam


60 minutes / € 70.00


 South Seas magic

 Full body scrub with coconut oil and atlantic sea salt 
Wellness back massage with tropical fragrances
Wellness facial treatment with delicious Caribbean aromas

80 minutes / € 95.00



 The special body ritual 

 Full body scrub – refreshing with lime aroma
Full body massage - Hot soapstones produce an energetic link between the meridians,

     and blocked energy begins to flow again.

80 minutes / € 100.00





 Rose magic

 The delicate fragrance of roses inspires your senses.

 Full body massage with delicate rose oil
 Moisture facial treatment
To conclude, we serve a glass of Geldermann sparkling wine with rose liqueur


90 minutes / € 100.00



 Spa pampering package

 Experience full relaxation and a pleasant combination of massages and beauty treatments:

 Aromatic full body peeling with marine salt
Luxurious cashmere body wrap
Application of cream on the whole body
Wellness facial treatment


110 minutes / € 125.00


 Roman spa package

 An especially vitalizing and relaxing experience

 Soap-brush massage with hammam soap
Full body massage with aromatic oil
Wellness facial treatment


120 minutes / € 130.00





 Men Sensation

 Full body lime peeling
Shoulder, neck and feet massage
Wellness facial treatment with Men Sensation Products by Biodroga and refreshing

     cooling eye-pads.


110 minutes / € 120.00




 A trip for your senses to a world of relaxation, well-being and beauty

 Go for an exotic expedition with 4 deep-relaxing treatment steps.


 This extraordinary and global SPA-ritual combines a unique massage technique, exclusive ingredients and exotic fragrances.


 Offer some flexibility to your skin with an enchanting coconut-vanilla scrub

 Relax with a marine-fresh lagoon-water bath  

 Enjoy a deep-relaxing massage with hot sand stamps  

 Wrap up your body in a soft mother-of-pearl shimmer                                                 

 120 minutes / € 160.00



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