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Refreshing summer days in the Wellness & Spa area
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 Mum's time-out








 Relaxing facial massage                                    

       Final care  

Pampering time 25 min. / € 32.00





Special anti ageing facial treatment

Do you feel too young for your first wrinkles? Wrinkles don’t suit you? Is your skin getting

tired with increasing age? Time is in your hands!


The THALGO anti ageing line offers individual facial treatments with products developed for the different stages of ageing skin. Give your skin new glow and shine! 



Collagen treatment
to prevent the first wrinkles


 Pampering time 75 min. / € 85.00



Hyaluron treatment

against visible wrinkles


 Pampering time 80 min. / € 100.00


Silicium treatment

against visible wrinkles and diminishing resilience

 Pampering time 90 min. / € 110.00


Spring offers

"Little time-out"


 Feeling the strain of everyday life, but no holiday in sight? Then why not treat yourself to a little time-out?


   Little back massage
   Facial cleansing
   Active agents concentrate
   Facial massage & mask
   Aroma foot wrap
   Final care

Pampering time 60 min /€ 69.00   


"Little booster"
   Facial cleansing & scrub tailored to your skin type  
   Moisturising concentrate  
   Relaxing facial massage  
   Individual finishing cream  

 Pampering time 25 min /€ 32.00






"Spring awakening"


 It's springtime and everything is coming back to life, putting out new shoots and bursting 

 with energy. Time for you to feel the freshness of spring, too!


   Whole-body peach scrub on the hamam table  

 Relaxing and refreshing soap sud massage



 Pampering time 30 min /€ 35.00 





"Spring cleaning for the skin"

Rouse your skin from its winter slumbers!




Body: Face: 
   Gentle cleansing brush treatment with foam     Cleansing tailored to your skin type
   Mineral-rich rock salt scrub    Gentle sugar scrub with edelweiss extract

 Bodycare cream with pure glacier water

   Soothing moisturising fluid



   Finishing cream for soft, silky skin

Pampering time 45 min /€ 50.00




Luxus Lashes - Eyelash extensions
LuxusLashes™ - Eyelash extensions

Why should women decide to have an eyelash extension?

An eyelash extension only has advantages. Your eyelash extensions will make sure that you have full and flattering eyelashes from the moment you get up. You don't need mascara anymore and you can go swimming with your eyelash extensions. No hassle at all. No more mascara around your eyes, your lashes will simply be dark and thick.

It doesn't matter how old you are, an eyelash extension is suitable for every age. Just give it a go, you will be convinced shortly!


LuxusLashes™ silk or mink lashes will be applied to your real lashes individually with a special adherence and will look absolutely natural.


We will magically create individual glamorous eyelashes for every woman. Your face will appear younger and even more expressive. What used to be available only to stars and supermodels is now available to you - we will make it possible.




 Silk or mink lashes




 First treatment (pampering time approx. 2 hrs)

 Approx. 60-80 lashes per eye



€ 180.00



 Refill (pampering time approx. 1 hour)



 After 3 weeks

€ 60.00

 After 4 weeks € 70.00


 After 5 weeks

€ 80.00


 After 6 weeks you will have to pay the first treatment rate.


Prices valid until season start 2015.

Medical Wellness
Sports massage


A deep pressure massage, which is essentially aimed at loosening up tense muscles.
This massage helps in warming up the muscles before doing sports. It is also a pleasant treatment which calms stressed muscles and activates the circulation after exercising. Special oils and lubricants support this process.


 Pampering time 30 minutes / € 42.00


Dorn/Breuss Massage


This massage is targeted at people who have problems and illnesses of the vertebral column and joints. Spinal column pains, blocked vertebras and sacroiliac joints, oblique pelvis positions and leg length differences can be treated gently.
The Dorn/Breuss massage is a gentle method to push dislocated vertebras and joints back to their ideal place.


 Pampering time 60 minutes / € 90.00

Meridian Balancing Massage (APM)

The meridian balancing massage is an old Asian healing method which balances the energy distribution in your body and improves your well-being. This gentle and simultaneously deep pressure massage targets acupressure and acupuncture points in order to activate the energy flow in your body.


Pampering time 60 minutes / € 90.00


Prices valid until 30/06/2014. 


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