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For children and teens (from 10-17 years)

Little guardian angel


A light back and leg massage and nourishing cream pack. A heavenly soothing treatment which will leave your child floating on cloud nine.


pampering time 30 minutes / € 35.00




Chocolate kiss


Full body massage with warm chocolate. A deliciously sweet temptation!


pampering time 30 minutes / € 35.00

soapy lather massage


For kids at the Hamam. Frothy fun for all those who just can’t seem to get enough of those bathtub bubbles.


pampering time 20 minutes / € 28.00 



basic face treatment



Gentle facial treatment for the tender skin of children or for demanding teen skin. In this treatment, the products are adapted to cater to the current condition of the skin.


Course of treatment:


 Enzyme exfoliation tailored to skin condition

 Deep cleansing tailored to skin condition

 Concentrate of active ingredients


 Mask tailored to skin condition

 Final care

pampering time 50 minutes / € 50.00


Prices valid until season start 2015.


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