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Facials à la carte

Basic facial treatment "Beautiful Reflections"


A treatment as individual as you. Your skin responds differently to external influences and

stress, and that is why we will select the product which is optimally attuned to the needs of your skin.

pampering time 60 minutes / € 72.00




BABORGANIC "White Nature"


It‘s the simplest ideas which achieve the greatest success. Feel and savour the purity of

mountain freshness. Edelweiss, glacier water and oxygen join forces with mountain crystals to 

bring a radiant rosy glow to your complexion.


pampering time 70 minutes / € 82.00




High Skin Refiner Lifting "Power of the elements"


Rewrite the history of your skin. A beauty elixir combines with innovative skincare substances

to unleash swift and effective regenerative powers. Visibly firmer and smoother, this treatment

will leave your skin glowing.


pampering time 70 minutes / € 95.00




"The power to be beautiful"-THALGO


The special anti-aging treatment for skin strongly in need of regeneration, using the gentle

energy of natural, algae-extracted phytohormones. The anti-wrinkle mask stimulates cell

generation, visibly reducing wrinkle depth, minimising the forming of new lines and making

your skin stronger and firmer. Your skin is then ideally protected against environmental

 influences and you will enjoy its new soft, silky touch and radiant appearance.


pampering time 90 minutes / € 125.00



High Skin Refiner deluxe "Fount of beauty"

Beauty lies in the genes! And not for long, we know exactly where. HSR deluxe, one of the most 

effective anti-aging-series of the decade, delays the effects of skin aging thanks to a complex of

natural active agents.


pampering time 90 minutes / € 125.00




SeaCreation "Time Everlasting"


Man has been sailing the seas since time immemorial. Indeed, the oceans are considered the

cradle of life. And down in their unfathomable depths, a fascinating secret slumbers. Combined

with sea silk and mother-of-pearl, a deep-sea microorganism rejuvenates the skin in a unique

way. The secret of eternal youth rises from the depths of the oceans.


Course of treatment:


 shell back massage to induce a relaxing mood

 facial cleansing

 enzyme exfoliation with sea water

 shell eye massage

 concentrate of active ingredients

 shell facial massage

 special peel-off mask

 final skincare


pampering time 90 minutes / € 155.00


Prices valid until season start 2015.


icon_stern.gif Pluck eyebrows

 €   10.00

 Dye eyebrows

 €   10.00

 Dye eyelashes

 €  12.00

 Depilation upper lip

 €  10.00

 Depilation upper lip & chin

 € 15.00

 Depilation lower legs

 € 30.00

 Depilation full legs

 € 40.00
 Depilation back  € 35.00

 1 glas Geldermann sparkling wine  €    4.50

 1 bottle Geldermann sparkling wine(0,75 l)


 € 27.50
 Plat of fruits  € 12.50



Prices valid until season start 2015.


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