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Massage Rituals

The high-quality massage oil of the Wellness & Spa “Santa Isabel” product-line is used for the relaxing back massage, the full-body massage and the royal massage.




Relaxing back massage

A relaxing massage for your back, shoulders and neck.


pampering time 30 minutes / € 42.00

Relaxing full body massage

The whole body is massaged using traditional massage techniques, generating a deep state of relaxation.


pampering time 50 minutes / € 65.00

Foot pressure point massage
The gentle way of foot pressure points massage triggers regenerative processes in your body by applying

pressure to specific points on the sole of your foot.


pampering time 30 minutes / € 38.00

Royal massage

A full body massage with warm oils. Feel like a king or queen and decide for yourself
whether the head, face, hands, back or legs should enjoy additional pampering.


pampering time 70 minutes / € 85.00

Hot Stone full-body massage

Experience a state of deep relaxation like never before with the application of hot basalt stones
and warm almond oil.

pampering time 80 minutes / € 90.00

Relaxing aromatic oil massage

Nature offers unforgettable fragrances with all its leaves, blossoms fruits and spices. Plunge into
this aromatic paradise. Essentials oils are combined, individually and in accordance with your
needs and mood, with pure jojoba oil for a truly relaxing massage.


pampering time 50 minutes / € 65.00

Hot chocolate full-body massage

Maybe the monks did actually bring the cocoa beans from Mexico to Europe. Since this time,
chocolate seduces us with its delicious charms. Taste this sweet dream with this massage,
surrounded by the aromatic fragrance of hot chocolate.


pampering time 50 minutes / € 65.00



Friars' massage

Relaxing full-body massage with warm herbal oils from the moastery’s garden.


pampering time 50 minutes / € 65.00  




"The Queen of ayurveda massages" - gentle stroking movements with warm sesame oil will harmonise your body, mind and soul.


pampering time 60 minutes / € 95.00  




Prices valid until season start 2015.


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