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The Wellness & Spa complex at the “Santa Isabel” Hotel is a place of peace and relaxation for body, mind and soul. In order to offer a relaxing atmosphere, we would kindly ask all spa visitors to keep noise levels to an absolute minimum. Use your time in the Wellness & Spa area to thoroughly relax. Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned off. Adults of 18 years may use the sauna area. Please note that smoking is not permitted in any part of the spa complex.


Please do inform our staff immediately if you suffer from hypertension or if you have heart or health problems of any kind. We recommend you start your treatment without make-up.



Drinking: If you have booked a massage or a body treatment, or if you are using the saunas, please ensure that you drink enough water or tea. A balanced level of water will allow your body to profit from the detoxifying effects of our treatments.


Eating: Do not begin your treatment when you are hungry or have just eaten. Avoid heavy meals at least one hour before the start of your treatment.


Clothing: Feel comfortable. If you have booked a treatment, bath robes, bathing shoes and towels will be provided for you. For your convenience, lockers are available in the Wellness & Spa changing rooms. You are perfectly welcome, however, to come to the spa with the bath robe from your room (bath robes are available for a deposit from the hotel reception). Our sauna and steam bath are nudist areas. Please always lay a big towel under your body and feet in the sauna cabin. We kindly ask you to cover your body when using the spa corridors and the relaxation room.



Relax, take a few deep breaths and leave all your thoughts and problems behind.


Clothing: If you have booked a facial or body treatment we kindly ask you to remove jewellery and outer garments. Please keep your under garments on. With regard to certain treatments your therapist will provide you with disposable undergarments. For your comfort, the parts of the body not involved in the massage will be covered with a sheet or towel.


Communication: Speak to your therapists. Not all your wishes can be anticipated if you do not mention them. Your therapist will ask you for your particular wishes before and during the treatment. The right music and volume, the best oil or the desired room temperature are just
some of the important points that will turn your visit into a perfect spa experience.


We offer a free selection of herbal teas to accompany all treatments.


Don’t rush: Enjoy the spa complex and relax a little longer. A Gothic star-spangled ceiling in the sauna’s quiet room provides for relaxation and tranquility. May we serve you a glass of sparkling wine and some fresh fruit?


Be careful: In most cases you should avoid the sun after your treatment. If you booked a body scrub or oil massage you should wait at least 12 hours before your next sunbathing session.


Extend your spa experience
At the reception you will find a variety of products which will allow you to enjoy heavenly relaxing moments at home, too. Our staff will be happy to offer you advice … Or you could treat a loved one with a gift voucher for a massage ritual, a wellness package or for one of our care products. Please note that gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Don’t forget to bring the gift voucher with you when you come for your treatment.

Appointments and cancellations

We recommend you book your appointment before your arrival at the hotel by calling + 49 7822 860-5530. 

Appointments: Mon – Fri: 9 am to 9 pm and Sat – Sun: 10 am to 9 pm.

Please inform us by noon on the day before your appointment if you are unable to make your appointment. We reserve the right to charge 50% of the treatment costs if an appointment is cancelled later than noon on the day before the appointment. If you do not attend your appointment and do not cancel we reserve the right to charge 80% of the treatment costs. This also applies to appointments with gift vouchers.

Happy Hour

Mon – Thurs: 9 am to 12.30 pm


10% discount for all treatments that take place during this time.

Travel directions
The wonderful Wellness & Spa complex at the “Santa Isabel” Hotel can be found on the 5th floor. It can be reached using the two lifts in the hotel lobby. Hotel guests staying at the “El Andaluz” or the “Castillo Alcazar” hotels can easily reach the lobby of the “Santa Isabel” by using the “Klostergang” path. From the “Colosseo” Hotel take the “Via Rustica” underpass tothe “Santa Isabel”.
Prices are subject to alterations and include VAT. The pampering times cited include the relaxation periods.

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